Screen Joy screen cleaner is a truly modern screen cleaning formula that is designed for today’s modern devices.

Most devices today are sophisticated and fairly expensive. Our televisions and phones are both “smart” and boast ever sharper pictures. Your mobile phone is already a touch screen but how long until everything else is?

We developed a product that can be used often without leaving any build up.

Then we made a microfiber cloth that was so soft that even frequent use (multiple times a day) will not cause scratches or harm to expensive electronic screens.

Screen Joy screen cleaner:

  • Is Anti-Static
  • Cuts Through Fingerprints

  • Leaves NO Residue
  • Is Anti-Glare

  • Has NO Ammonia
  • Is Non-Toxic

We truly hope you appreciate the quality of this product as we have worked hard to ensure that it is the best screen cleaning solution on the market today.

Months of Product Development
Different Product Prototypes
Microfiber Cloth Samples
Hours of Dedicated Work

It's All About Purity ...

Screen Joy is made by the American company IX Better Home

IX Better Home is a small Oregon based company that is focused on developing new products for what we call: the smarter home.

While more information about the parent company as well as the additional products we offer (including Screen Joy products) can be found on it’s parent site here, our company’s product philosophy carries directly through to Screen Joy:

  • Does the product have multiple uses?
    Yes, Screen Joy can be used on almost any electronic surface found in the home, office, school or even the car.
  • Does the product save the consumer money?
    Yes, Screen Joy has a generous 200ml (6.8oz) bottle of cleaning solution which can be used hundreds of times before replenishing. The large Screen Joy microfiber cloth can be washed an reused over and over.
  • Is the product eco friendly?
    100% recyclable packaging, certified eco-wise manufacturing process. We are even working on a “package free” version for online shoppers who just want the product and don’t want to waste or recycle the packaging.
  • Does the product “make sense”?
    Perfectly. New modern formula, for modern devices with no additives and based on distilled water.

With the above “smart product criteria” met, and after many months of critical product development, we here at IX Better Home are very pleased to be releasing Screen Joy in the market.

As we expand this product line and begin to offer different use configurations in the Screen Joy family, you can be assured that this product will be made from it’s successes and setbacks, improving the quality and value with each generation.

As IX Better Home grows as a company, you can likewise be assured that we will be honored to provide jobs and benefits to American workers, our success is their success.

Thank you very much for visiting the Screen Joy product site, you can lean more about IX Better Home on the main company page: ixbetterhome.com.

Thank you very much for your business.




Leif Croonquist
IX Better Home | Screen Joy