My name is Leif Croonquist and back in 2013 I decided I wanted to start a company creating and selling very useful products.

Shortly thereafter I formed IX Better Home .

In January of 2014 I was using my laptop computer and the screen saver turned on. With the screen mostly blacked out I saw how completely dirty it had become with fingerprints.

I was thinking “since when do I tough my screen so much?” I wasn’t even aware of it. But then it hit me…

I realized that everything … I mean everything that we use nowadays has a touchscreen interface, and that they accumulate fingerprints and smears constantly.

Moreover, this trend is only increasing.. soon televisions will be touchscreen as well.

So I had a eureka moment, I needed to create a screen cleaner that could be used multiple times a day, and if that was the case I needed it to be non-toxic so that people were not polluting themselves in the process of frequent use.

I also needed a cloth that could take the punishment.

I had no idea (at the time) on how to go about it but the idea intrigued me.

Intrigued and scared me. I realized there were a lot of players in that field already.. I even went to the local stores and began looking at them and I even bought a few of their products.

I began to realize that these products were very well established, in fact.. possibly even too established. They were made for screens for 10, 15 and in some cases 20 years ago.

Today’s screens are very different then a decade ago and so I realized, that is my “way in” to the market.

Make an entirely new screen cleaner formula, made for today’s modern screens.

Oh that’s all ? Sheesh.. no problem *gulp*.

My first inclination was to just call up .. literally call the major electronics manufacturers and ask them what they clean their screen with at the factory.

I figured they probably had that totally figured out down to the last molecule. The challenge would become getting them to share it with me.

Well, fast forward 30-45 days and after enough persistence I had arrived at a formula that was gleaned from the information given to me by the major manufacturers.

I even had a name for it: SCREEN JOY.

Over the next 9 months I went back and forth with several chemical companies in Korea, Taiwan, China and the USA.

I began to talk to bottlers, packagers, printers and yes microfiber cloth manufacturers.

Screen Joy became a vision that was teetering on obsession (depending upon who you ask in my camp) and I was determined to make the best screen cleaner on the market today.

If I couldn’t achieve that, then I would bag it and sell nothing at all.

Screen Joy went through several design cycles.. driving my wife, family and friends a wee bit crazy as they could not understand my attention to even the tiniest of details.

I went through hundreds of microfiber cloth tests and samples and finally had to semi-invent a whole new process to create an ultra-plush microfiber cloth that was so tightly made that you could use it on eyeglasses as well, it even needed to be able to go through the washer.

So fast forward to November 2014 and my product was ready to launch.

I had finally arrived at the packaging design you see today and also created the microfiber cloth separate packaging.

The cloths in the cleaner product purchase are 10×10 inches, bigger then m y competition, the bottle itself is 200ml which is really large considering my price point and the separately-sold cloths are a large 12×12 inch size.

I believe in great value.

So that is it, the name has been registered as a trademark and new designs are on the way ie:

  • smaller “travel” bottle for the backpack, briefcase, purse
  • larger (16x16in) “Large Screen” cleaning cloth
  • additional cloth colors
  • secret developments I don’t want to break here 🙂

So that’s it. The history of Screen Joy.

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