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Screen Joy Screen Cleaner for all modern devices – 200ml and 10x10in Cloth

We worked hard to perfect a screen cleaning formula that not only works great at cleaning glossy surfaces, but is also leaves no residue, especially on the high quality screens found in today’s modern devices. Most importantly, the most of these screens are also touchscreen surfaces, clean them carefully.
Screen Joy is ideal for getting prints and smears off all glossy screens like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

  • Specially formulated to clean the sensitive factory coating found on expensive TVs, tablet and laptop screens.
  • Quality pump spray delivers an even mist of cleaner.
  • Anti static, non-smudge and cloud-free solution.
  • Generous 200ML (6.8oz) bottle will last for hundreds of uses.
  • Large 10×10 inch (25x25cm) Washable, Microfiber Cloth.

Screen Joy is also fantastic for camera lenses, eyeglasses and sunglasses too!

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Safely clean all modern devices like tablets, smartphones, laptop screens and TVs.

Screen Joy is among the best screen cleaners to protect your expensive electronic products. This specially formulated computer screen cleaner has been designed to clean sensitive factory coatings found on HDTV, LCD, and Plasma Screen TVs as well as smartphone, tablet and laptop screens.

The screen cleaner cloth is used to remove dust and oily fingerprints from touch screen electronics as well as a host of other household products like camera screens and lenses, GPS and portable DVD players, the touchscreen display in your car, CDs and DVD discs, it’s even a fantastic eyeglass and sunglasses cleaner.

Key Benefits Include:

  • Non-Toxic, anti-streak and anti-static formula
  • Smudge, smear and print resistant
  • Safe to use several times a day
  • Generous 200ml bottle and large 10x10in microfiber cleaning cloth

Screen Joy will loosen and break up oily prints and other surface debris while the special microfiber screen cleaner cloth gently lifts material away and traps it in it’s millions of tiny fibers, leaving your screen like new.

The fluid and wipes have been tested on all types of flat screen and touch screen displays with great results

You have just found the perfect solution for those dirty screens.

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Additional information

Weight 9.7 oz
Dimensions 7.8 × 2.6 × 5.3 in

6 reviews for Screen Joy Screen Cleaner for all modern devices – 200ml and 10x10in Cloth

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bill Loguidice

    If there’s a universal truth we can say about the screens and surfaces on our modern devices, it’s that they sure do get a lot of fingerprints on them. Unfortunately, the days of whipping out the Windex and paper towels are long behind us. If we use anything but microfiber cloths and special cleaning solutions, we can pretty much kiss the pristine surfaces of our TVs, smartphones, tablets, videogame consoles, laptops, eyeglasses, and more goodbye. Fortunately, the Screen Joy Computer Screen Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth combo is inexpensive and does a fantastic job of safely cleaning just about any of our beautifully designed, but surprisingly fragile, modern technology.

    The Screen Joy spray bottle is a generous 6.8oz (200ML), which should be good for hundreds of sprays on its equally generous 10x10in (25x25cm) washable microfiber cloth. As you would expect – and should demand – this combination is anti-static, non-smudging, and cloud-free. In my testing, it really did a great job cleaning all kinds of surfaces, including my Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Xbox One, and Panasonic plasma TV. I’m confident it would do an equally great job on all of the other devices scattered throughout our home.

    As for usage, it’s important to remember some simple rules to keep your devices safe when cleaning. Always spray the microfiber cloth and not the surface you want to clean. Use the wet side of the microfiber cloth to clean the surface, then flip to the side you didn’t spray for a final polish. Simple, yet it’s amazing how few people bother doing it the right way despite the potential for some pretty disastrous results. So for your wallet’s sake, clean your device’s the right way and do it with something like this excellent offering from Screen Joy.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    If you think your screen is clean, try using Screen Joy and you’ll soon find out it wasn’t that clean at all! It will get the gunk other cleaners behind.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sandy at Sandy’s POV

    I absolutely love Screen Joy screen cleaner. It has made every computer screen, tablet, and cell phone screen fingerprint-free and spot-free with minimal effort. If you want to see just how easy it is to use Screen Joy, then you can view my video – https://youtu.be/RljtvRa0Sbw . I highly recommend Screen Joy for all of your devices’ screens.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bethany Stout

    I just got this great screen cleaner from Screen Joy and I love it!

    You get a large bottle of it, it doesn’t really take much to get a good clean. The solution is specially designed to work on electronic devices.
    It won’t damage them and gives them an awesome clean. I have used mine on my laptop, phone, tablets, and TV and it works great on them all. The liquid is a blue color, almost like a gel more then a liquid. Has a pump spray bottle, just spray some onto the cloth (included) and wipe down your surface or you can spray directly onto the device and wipe clean with the cloth either will work.

    It works great, I have been very happy with how clean it gets my devices and really increases the clarity on my screens. I love that it includes a large cloth for cleaning as well. Very nice set!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    I used this spray on many products; My phone, tv, laptop, tablet screen, and even normal table top glass. After using this product on my phone I knew it was a winner. I have very tiny scratches and smudges on the phone, which I tried everything to make it look better however nothing worked. That was until I tried this product. I even used just the cloth by itself and it took all the smudges away!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    GrandMother’s Attic

    I do a lot of digitizing with photos on my computer and there are times where I am in Adobe Photoshop CS5 going nuts trying to get the little spots off the picture and realize that the spots are on my monitor! Oh gosh, I need Screen Joy computer cleaner. Yes, I eat at my desk. Yes, I have no idea what I have splashed on the monitor this time, believe me, it’s not intentional. Screen Joy made a believer out of me the very first time I used it.

    Screen Joy really IS as good as they say it is. First I gave my monitor a good cleaning, I wasn’t hoping for much with the stuff I keep picking off it, but with just one going over, my monitor is just like new from the factory – and that’s saying a lot. Next I decided to clean my glasses – they are high tech expensive glasses, so they deserve a good product to clean them with – and yes, they are absolutely gleaming now. No smearing, clouding or lines – just spotless.

    My iphone is always pretty well used and even though the glass protector is supposed to be treated so fingerprints don’t show – they do show, along with everything else. I am constantly trying to wipe the fingerprints off on my pants as it bugs me. I cleaned my iphone with Screen Joy and was amazed at how fabulous it works. I even found out that the streak I thought was something else is actually a scratch in my scratchless screen protector *sigh*.

    – comes with a large microfiber cloth that really works great with the Screen Joy Cleaner
    – easily, quickly and effectively gets your screen crystal clean
    – safely removes dust, fingerprints, etc off your screen without harming it.
    – great for ipads, tablets, laptops, pcs, monitors, LCD and plasma TV, game devices
    – also great for digital cameras, ipods, MP3 players, smart phones, video cameras, CDs & DVDs
    – great for eyeglasses.

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