Screen Joy 200ml and 3 Microfiber Cloths

Sure the big 200ml bottle of Screen Joy screen cleaner will last a long time but where did you put that premium cloth?

Stop hunting around for that premium cloth and just have a few extra on hand!
Keep a cloth handy near the TV or your desk and don’t forget the car!
Buy now and get 3 extra 12×12 microfiber cloths in this bundle deal and save 25% from buying them separately!

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This is a great way to save some extra money on products you most likely would buy separately.

This bundle gives you the¬†mighty Screen Joy 200ml cleaning solution (with its 10×10 cloth in the package) and a 3 pack of 12×12 premium microfiber cloths.

It’s a good idea to keep extra cloths¬†in a variety of places around the home and office. These cloths are great for quick cleanups and dustings even without the screen cleaning solution.

Even better you can use the cloths (which come in 2 different colors) for specific purposes. Use the gray cloths for the flatscreen TVs you have around the house and use the purple for your phone and sunglasses.

The bottle is refillable and the cloths are washable (which means you can use them hundreds of times before replacing) so this bundle will pay for itself in no time!



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