It doesn't take much of the spray to dampen the cloth for cleaning the screens, so the bottle should last a long time. The cloth is washable.

This is the perfect solution (if you catch the pun) for cleaning those messy screens on all your electronic devices. Unlike harsher cleaners (Windex, etc.) that are not recommended for cleaning electronic screens because they can etch or damage the screen or remove the special coatings, this product is reported by the manufacturer to be perfectly safe. It also clams to be anti-fog, anti-static, and fingerprint resistant. . Note: The package states that Apple does not recommend any cleaner be applied to their screens, but you can use the microfiber cloth that comes with the Screen Joy. This comes with a good-sized microfiber cleaning cloth that is 10×10 inches in size and of very nice quality. The best thing I noted about the cloth is […]


I am so glad I purchased this. The packaging was great and the quality of the cloth is amazing!!

Love this product!! At first when I ordered it I didn’t think I would find it that useful but people have been complaining on how dirty my computer, tablet and phone screens were. I thought I would go to amazon and search for a product that had great customer reviews. I am so glad I purchased this. The packaging was great and the quality of the cloth is amazing!! Once I tried it, I could not stop finding screens to clean!! Totally recommend this to everyone that has valuable electronics and is a neat freak!! lol.

Kris Rodin

It is the perfect screen cleaner. I highly recommend it.

This product is not only safe for all flat screens but the company takes the time to follow up on your satisfaction and they are more than willing to take the as much time as it takes to help you through any problems you might encounter. IF YOU ARE A SMOKER, I strongly recommend you use a micro fiber cloth dampened with a solution of distilled white vinegar and distilled water first to cut through the nicotine, NOT TOO WET! you may need to do it more than once but once you cut through that horrible tar left behind from the smoking, The Screen Joy will amaze you. It is the perfect screen cleaner. I highly recommend it.

Michelle Hwee

I would definitely repurchase and recommend it to others!

This product is really fantastic! The cloth just by itself is amazing. My phone and tablet get pretty dirty over time from usage and this product does the job amazingly! Just a spritz on the cloth and onto my phone and it looks like brand new! I can’t believe I never tried one of these out. I was able to try this out complimentary from the company but I am so hooked! The size of the bottle is also very generous, a great amount and it has a spray applicator. I would definitely repurchase and recommend it to others!



This stuff works great. I am very happy that I got to review this. It came very well packaged and arrived quickly. Screen Joy Cleaner works great on Dvd’s, glasses, computers, laptops and glass. I love how it cuts through greasy little fingerprints and big ones. It does not leave it cloudy and smeared looking. Just nice and clean and shiny. Screen Joy Cleaner does everything that it says it will. It comes in a handy little 6.8 ounce bottle which will probably last me for a whole lot of cleaning. Probably at least 100 or more uses I would bet. It came with a nice purple 10×10″ (25×25 cm) microfiber cloth. The cloth is very soft and is washable. I have had no problems […]

Susan Ripley

I have about a million screens in my house so I am glad to finally have a big bottle of a good screen cleaner on hand to restore their shine.

Very happy with the result! Cleaned my screens:) Great screen cleaner, cleaned my tablet and mobile screens right after I received this from Amazon. I could tell the microfiber cloth was high quality immediately when I held it because of it’s weight and density so I was eager to try it on my phone and just wiped it without using any spray. Honestly, my screen was perfectly crystal clear after wiping it just a couple times. I then used it on my tablet and got the same result, but I did have to rub a little on a fingerprint. I figured later I would try the actual spray on it and see if it works well to remove prints. I was pretty amazed with my […]